Conversion Status

This site is undergoing a transition!

Sawtooth 1.2 documentation has not yet been completely converted to the new site’s format. You can find the documentation in sphinx-doc rst format at:

If you wish to help contribute to the Sawtooth documentation conversion project, please take a few pages and convert them from sphinx-doc to Jekyll. A partial conversion has been done with pandoc here, and should be used as a starting point:

And the next step is to review/fix the pages and integrate them into the new 1.1 documentation here:

A typical page conversion PR consists of the following steps:

  • Commit 1: Move the file into the final location
  • Commit 2: Update the file’s markup (link syntax, note syntax, etc.) to work with Jekyll
  • Commit 3: Link to the file in the sidebar by updating _includes/1.2/left_sidebar.html

When submitting PRs, please keep file moves, content conversion, and content changes as separate commits for easier review. Thanks!