About Sawtooth Configuration Files

Each Sawtooth component, such as the validator or the REST API, has an optional configuration file that controls the component’s behavior. These configuration files provide an alternative to specifying Sawtooth command options when starting a component.


Using configuration files is an example of off-chain configuration. Changes are made on the local system only. For more information, see Configuring Validator and Transactor Permissions.

When a Sawtooth component starts, it looks for a TOML-format configuration file in the config directory, /etc/sawtooth/ (by default).

By default (when Sawtooth is installed), no configuration files are created. However, Sawtooth includes example configuration files that can be customized for your system. See Changing Off-chain Settings with Configuration Files for this procedure.


After changing a configuration file for a component, you must restart that component in order to load the changes.

Sawtooth also supports several non-component configuration files:

  • The Log Configuration File allows you to configure the log output for each component.

  • The Path Configuration File controls the location of Sawtooth directories, such as the configuration directory (config_dir) and log directory (log_dir). This file also lets you set an optional $SAWTOOTH_HOME environment variable to change the base location of Sawtooth files and directories.