Setting Up a Sawtooth Network

In this section, you will configure a network of Sawtooth nodes with either Sawtooth PBFT consensus or PoET simulator consensus.

  • Sawtooth PBFT consensus provides Byzantine fault tolerance for a network with restricted membership. PBFT requires at least four nodes.

  • PoET simulator consensus is designed for a system without a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Sawtooth PoET requires a minimum of three nodes, but works best with at least four or five nodes.

For more information on the supported consensus types, or to learn how to change the consensus later, see About Dynamic Consensus.


For the procedure to configure Sawtooth with PoET SGX consensus on a system with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX), see Using Sawtooth with PoET-SGX.

Use this set of procedures to create the first Sawtooth node in a network or to add a new node to an existing network. Note that some procedures are performed only on the first node. Other procedures are required on the minimum set of nodes in the initial network.

Each node in this Sawtooth network runs a validator, a REST API, and the following transaction processors:


Each node in a Sawtooth network must run the same set of transaction processors. If this node will join an existing Sawtooth network, make sure that you know the full list of required transaction processors, and that you install any custom transaction processors.