See ‘object-id’ in object-type: settlement.


See ‘order-id’ in object-type: settlement.

JSON Examples


    "UpdateType": "CreateSettlement",
    "ObjectId": "OBJECT_ID",
    "OrderId": "OBJECT_ID"


The following checks are performed:

  • Check that all required attributes have been provided.
  • Check that all provided unique attributes do not exist in the store.
  • Check that OrderID references a valid order.
  • Check that the status of the order is ‘Matched’.
  • Check that the bond and currency holdings of both the ordering and quoting organizations exist and have sufficient quantities to settle the trade.

Anyone is allowed to create a settlement, so no checks are done for authorization.


Create a new object in the store with object-type of ‘settlement’. See object-type: settlement.

When a settlement is created, increment the order’s ref count, and the ref counts of the referenced objects in the settlement object type, including: the ordering and quoting firm organizations, and the bond and currency holdings for each organization.

Perform the exchange of the bond and currency holding quantities between the specified holdings based on whether the action is ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ (from the ordering firm’s perspective).

Update the status of the referenced order to ‘Settled’.