This article is part of the Sawtooth Lake Bond Family documentation.


The bond transaction family is included with Sawtooth Lake. See the main Sawtooth Lake Tutorial for information on installation.


Networking for your validator node must be set up before your node will be able to communicate with other nodes in the network:

  • Your computer or device must be connected to your LAN/WAN via the integrated network interface.
  • The node requires a publicly-addressable IP address or fully-qualified domain name (FQDN).
  • The node may be located behind a NAT firewall, may be given a fully exposed public network address, or may be on a DMZ.

The following additional requirements apply:

  • An open TCP port on the publicly addressable IP address that maps to the node’s configured TCP/http port.
    • The default TCP port is 8800, but your configuration may differ.
  • An open UDP port on the publicly addressable IP address that maps to node’s configured UDP/gossip layer.
    • The default UDP port is 5500, but your configuration may differ.

Configuration of the validator node, including networking, is covered in Configuration.

Next Steps

Configuring and starting the validator is covered next, in Configuration.