Ways to Contribute

Contributions by the community help grow and optimize the capabilities of Sawtooth Lake, and are the most effective method of having a positive impact on the project.

Different ways you can contribute

  • Bugs or Issues (issues or defects found when working with Sawtooth Lake)
  • Core Features & Enhancements (expanded capabilities or optimization)
  • Arcade Features (games that demonstrate Sawtooth Lake such as Go and Checkers)
  • New or Enhanced Documentation (improve existing documentation or create new)
  • Testing Events and Results (functional, performance or scalability)

Unassigned JIRA Issues

More specific items can be found in Reporting Issues. Any JIRA items which are unassigned are probably still open. If in doubt, ask on Slack about the particular JIRA issue.

Commit Process

Distributed Ledger is Apache 2.0 licensed and accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. When contributing code please do the following:

  • Fork the repository and make your changes in a feature branch.
  • Please include unit and integration tests for any new features and updates to existing tests.
  • Please ensure the unit and integration tests run successfully. Both are run with ./bin/run_tests, but integration tests are only run if the environment variable ENABLE_INTEGRATION_TESTS is set.
  • Please ensure that lint passes by running ‘./bin/run_lint’. The command should produce no output if there are no lint errors.

Pull Request Guidelines

Pull requests can contain a single commit or multiple commits. The most important part is that a single commit maps to a single fix or enhancement.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • If a pull request adds a feature but also fixes two bugs, then the pull request should have three commits, one commit each for the feature and two bug fixes
  • If a PR is opened with 5 commits that was work involved to fix a single issue, it should be rebased to a single commit
  • If a PR is opened with 5 commits, with the first three to fix one issue and the second two to fix a separate issue, then it should be rebased to two commits, one for each issue

Your pull request should be rebased against the current master branch. Please do not merge the current master branch in with your topic branch, nor use the Update Branch button provided by GitHub on the pull request page.


Commits must include Signed-off-by in the commit message (git commit -s). This indicates that you agree the commit satisifies the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO).