This dashboard showcases the latest Offers and Exchanges for the currently selected user (usually the signed in user).

Item Description Action
A Latest Open Offers Goes to Open Offers
B Username Goes to this user’s Dashboard
C Latest Exchanges Views all exchanges

Open Offers

Displays all currently open Offers (unless filtered by the Sidebar), and allows those offers to be accepted. Reached from the Dashboard.

Item Description Note
A Offer list All offers, filtered by Sidebar selection
B Username Goes to this user’s Dashboard
C Accept Click to Execute Exchange

Blockchain History

Displays current block state, and a list of all previous transactions. Reached from the Menu Bar.

Item Description Note
A Block State Information about the blockchain
Block Id Id of the most recent block
Block Number Number of blocks in blockchain
Block Size Total number of items stored on blockchain
B Transaction list Info about every transaction so far
C Individual transaction Click to show Transaction Detail
D Page navigation Navigates pages of ten transactions each

Transaction Detail

Item Description Note
A Transaction Id  
B Block Id The block containing this transaction
C Dependencies Clickable id’s of other transactions this is dependent on
D Update Type The type of update sent to the blockchain


A summary of the user’s financial information. Reached from the Menu Bar.

Item Description Note
A Holdings list All of the user’s holdings
B Latest offers Most recent offers made by the user
C Recent Exchanges Most recent exchanges user executed

Create Asset

A form for creating new Assets and AssetTypes for the marketplace. Reached from the Sidebar.

Item Description Note
A Asset name Must begin with a “/”, for example: “/currency/usd”
B Asset description Optional
C Type dropdown Selects from existing asset types
D Add Type Displays Create Asset Type pop-up
E Type name Must begin with a “/”
F Type description Optional
G Type options Select whether asset type should be “restricted”
H Discard Closes pop-up
I Asset options Select what options should be used with this asset
Restricted Only creator can create non-empty holdings
Consumable Asset must be spent to be exchanged (i.e. non-infinite)
Divisible Can exist in fractional form
J Submit Creates asset
K Reset Clears form

Create Holding

A form for creating a new Holding designed to contain a particular Asset. May be created empty, or with some quantity of the asset (if asset is unrestricted, or the logged-in participant created it). Reached from the Sidebar.

Item Description Note
A Name Must begin with a “/”, for example: “/accounts/savings”
B Description Optional
C Asset Selects which kind of asset to hold
D Count The amount of the asset to be created with the holding
E Submit Creates holding
F Reset Clears form

Create Offer

A form for creating new sell Offers. User must already have a Holding both in the Asset they expect to receive in payment, and the asset which they will pay out. The input holding may be empty. Reached from the Menu Bar.

Item Description Note
A Name Must begin with a “/”, for example: “/orders/cookies”
B Description Optional
C Input Selects which holding will receive payments
D Input amount The amount of the input asset expected
E Output Selects which holding payouts will be drawn from
F Output amount With the input amount, creates an exchange ratio
G Minimum amount The least input assets that will be accepted
H Maximum amount The most inputs
I Offer repeatability Unlimited, once ever, or once per participant
J Submit Creates offer
K Reset Clears form

Execute Exchange

A form for responding to and executing an Offer, or chain of offers. Reachable from Open Offers.

Item Description Note
A Initial Holding Selects holding from which payments will be drawn
B Add offer Adds a new offer to the start of an arbitrage chain
C Input holding Holding from which an exchange will be drawn, including final amount
D Output holding Holding to which an exchange will go, including final amount
E Add offer Adds a new offer to the end of an arbitrage chain
F Output Holding Selects holding to which final payouts will go
G Exchange quantity Number of times to exchange (based on ratio)
H Accept Executes exchange
I Cancel Returns to Open Offers

Transfer Assets

A form for transfering a single kind of Asset from one Holding to another. Always a one way transfer, it can be between a user’s own holdings, or to a different Participant. Reached from the Menu Bar

Item Description Note
A Source Selects the holding from which to draw the asset
B Participant Selects the user who will receive the asset, defaults to Self
C Destination Selects the holding to send the asset to
D Amount The quantity of the asset to transfer
E Transfer Executes the transfer
F Cancel Returns to Portfolio