mktplace.mktplace_state module

Wrapper for the market place state

class mktplace.mktplace_state.Filters[source]

Bases: object

A class that wraps a number of useful lambda expressions that can be used for the lambdafilter function on MarketPlaceState collections.

static matchvalue(field, value)[source]

Predicate: match objects that have the given field and the value for the field matches the given value

static references(field, idlist)[source]

Predicte: match objects that have the given field and the value for the field references one of the objects in the list

static matchtype(objtype)[source]

Predicate: match objects with the given type

static offers()[source]

Predicate: match objects with either ExchangeOffer or SellOffer type

static holdings()[source]

Predicate: match objects with either Holding or Liability type

class mktplace.mktplace_state.MarketPlaceState(baseurl, creator=None, creator_name=None)[source]

Bases: mktplace.mktplace_communication.MarketPlaceCommunication

A class to wrap the current ledger state for a market place. Retrieves the state from a validator and builds maps for names and ids. Exports methods for querying state.

  • baseurl (url) – the base URL for a Sawtooth Lake validator that supports an HTTP interface
  • creator (id) – the identifier for the participant generating transactions

State (dict) – The key/value store associated with the head of the ledger, for the MarketPlace store, keys are object identifiers and the values are the current state of each object.

n2i(name, obj_type)[source]

Convert a name into an identifier. The name can take one of these forms: @ – resolves to the identifier for creator ///<IDENTIFIER> – resolves to the identifier //<CREATOR>/<PATH> – fully qualified name /<PATH> – resolve relative to the current creator if specified

Parameters:name (str) – object name
Returns:object identifier
Return type:id

Construct the fully qualified name for an object

If the object does not have a name the format will be ///<IDENTIFIER> If the object is a participant the format will be //<NAME> Otherwise the format will be //<CREATOR NAME>/<NAME>

Parameters:objectid (id) – identifier for the object
Returns:the fully qualified name for the object
Return type:str

Retrieve the current state from the validator. Rebuild the name, type, and id maps for the resulting objects.

Parameters:store (str) – optional, the name of the marketplace store to retrieve

Function to retrieve the value of a property of an object in the saved state

Parameters:-- '.' separate expression for extracting a value from state (path) –

Apply a series of predicates to state objects. Predicates are lambda expressions on the data of an object. See the Filters class for tools for creating lambda expressions.

Parameters:predicates (list of lambda functions) – a list of predicates used to filter the set of objects
Returns:a list of object identifiers
Return type:list of identifiers
list(objtype=None, creator=None, name=None, fields=None)[source]

Simple filter for common query operations on the current state