MarketPlace Initial State

The MarketPlace creates several asset types and assets that enable markets to “bootstrap” participation. All bootstrap asset types and assets are created by an initial participant with the name “marketplace”.

Asset Types

Two asset types are created for bootstrapping:

  • /asset-type/participant – This is an asset type for creating participants as an asset, the participant asset type is not restricted meaning that anyone can create a participant asset
  • /asset-type/token – This is an asset type for creating the various token assets used for meta-operations of the market, the token asset type is restricted meaning that only the marketplace can create token assets


Currently only one asset is created for bootstrapping:

  • /asset/token – a canonical asset for bootstrap tokens, the asset is not restricted (meaning that any participant can create a holding with a token in it), non-consumable (meaning that having a single token is equivalent to having an infinite number of tokens)

The token asset is particularly useful for creating “gift” offers that take tokens as input and give some other asset as output.