MarketPlace Messages¶

MarketPlace ledger clients can send messages to validators through an HTTP/POST interface. Messages are JSON-encoded for example:

  "Transaction": {
    "Dependencies": [],
    "Nonce": 1444777217.496317,
    "Signature": "HAy35m01U0SNVbCBDUS+EQ8ufC1x7d1V2IAwRRqDQX4UhdKr3YMIiiHCTLLPrRCbyDB1jpiaemfDNoznqvd1eS4=",
    "TransactionType": "/MarketPlaceTransaction",
    "Update": {
      "UpdateType": "/mktplace.transactions.ParticipantUpdate/Register"
      "Description": "MarketPlace Participant",
      "Name": "market",
  "__NONCE__": 1444777217.575749,
  "__SIGNATURE__": "HAFYXv9paHt/EQ35vQeR/TPbm48/maA0lKAav/u7kkl4womFuDh8emJRowoO0dHLfUEJO4NzlwxY3FpdwA9hDa4=",
  "__TYPE__": "/mktplace.transactions.MarketPlace/Transaction"

Messages contain one of the MarketPlace Transactions and three additional fields:

__NONCE__:random float used to ensure the message signature is unique; we use the python representation of wall clock time
__TYPE__:the type of message; for all MarketPlace transactions the message type is “/mktplace.transactions.MarketPlace/Transaction”
__SIGNATURE__:the message signature is computed using all fields in the message except for the __SIGNATURE__ field.