Creating Packages for SLES


To create packages for SLES, you need the following:

  • SLES 12 64-bit with Internet access
  • git Repository: sawtooth-core

The remainder of these instructions assume a vanilla SLES 12 installation as a starting point.

Install Dependencies

Install the prerequisite packages:

root@sles # zypper install -y \
    python-setuptools \
    rpmbuild \
    swig \
    gcc-c++ \
    python-devel \

To get cryptopp, you must add an additional repository:

root@sles # zypper addrepo \
root@sles # zypper refresh

Then, install libcryptopp-devel:

root@sles # zypper install -y libcryptopp-devel

Create Directory for Resulting Packages

Create a directory to hold the packages as we build them. For this guide, we will use $HOME/packages.

root@sles # mkdir $HOME/packages

Create Python Dependency Packages


Create the python-cbor RPM package:

root@sles # mkdir -p $HOME/projects
root@sles # cd $HOME/projects
root@sles # wget
root@sles # tar xvfz cbor-0.1.24.tar.gz
root@sles # cd cbor-0.1.24
root@sles # python bdist_rpm
root@sles # cp dist/cbor-*.x86_64.rpm $HOME/packages/


Create the python-pybitcointools RPM package:

root@sles # mkdir -p $HOME/projects
root@sles # cd $HOME/projects
root@sles # wget
root@sles # tar xvfz pybitcointools-1.1.15.tar.gz
root@sles # cd pybitcointools-1.1.15
root@sles # python bdist_rpm
root@sles # cp dist/pybitcointools-*.noarch.rpm $HOME/packages/

Create SawtoothLake Python Packages

Clone Repositories

Clone or copy the repositories into the SLES environment:

root@sles # mkdir -p $HOME/projects
root@sles # cd $HOME/projects
root@sles # git clone


You will have to setup your SSH private key to directly clone the repository directly into the VM.

At this time, if you are using a branch other than master for any of the repositories, check out the appropriate branch.

Create Packages

Create package from sawtooth repository:

root@sles # cd $HOME/projects/sawtooth-core
root@sles # python bdist_rpm
root@sles # cp dist/sawtooth-core*x86_64.rpm $HOME/packages

Create tar File of Packages

To make it trivial to deliver the SLES RPM files, create a tar file:

root@sles # cd $HOME
root@sles # mv packages sawtoothlake-x.y.z-sles-packages
root@sles # tar cvfj sawtoothlake-x.y.z-sles-packages.tar.bz2 sawtoothlake-x.y.z-sles-packages


The x.y.z in the above tar file name should be replaced with the version of the overall sawtoothlake deliverable.