Sawtooth CLI Configuration FileΒΆ

The Sawtooth CLI configuration file specifies arguments to be used by the sawtooth command and its subcommands. For example, you can use this file to set the URL of the REST API once, rather than entering the --url option for each subcommand.

If the config directory contains a file named cli.toml, the configuration settings are applied when the sawtooth command is run. (By default, the config directory is /etc/sawtooth/; see Path Configuration File for more information.) Specifying command-line options will override the settings in the configuration file.

An example configuration file is in /sawtooth-core/cli/cli.toml.example. To create a CLI configuration file, copy the example file to the config directory and name it cli.toml.

The example file shows the format of the url option. To use it, uncomment the line and replace the default value with the actual URL for the REST API.

#   url = "http://localhost:8008"