Path Configuration FileΒΆ


Changing the path settings in this file is usually unnecessary. For non-standard directory paths, use the SAWTOOTH_HOME environment variable instead of this configuration file.

The path.toml configuration changes the Sawtooth data_dir directory. This file should be used only when installing on an operating system distribution where the default paths are not appropriate. For example, some Unix-based operating systems do not use /var/lib, so it would be appropriate to use this file to set data_dir to the natural operating system default path for application data.

This file configures the following settings:

  • key_dir = path

    Directory path to use when loading key files

  • data_dir = path

    Directory path for storing data files such as the block store

  • log_dir = path

    Directory path to use to write log files (by default, an error log and a debug log; see Log Configuration).

  • policy_dir = path

    Directory path for storing policies

The default directory paths depend on whether the SAWTOOTH_HOME environment variable is set. When SAWTOOTH_HOME is set, the default paths are:

  • key_dir = SAWTOOTH_HOME/keys/
  • data_dir = SAWTOOTH_HOME/data/
  • log_dir = SAWTOOTH_HOME/logs/
  • policy_dir = SAWTOOTH_HOME/policy/

For example, if SAWTOOTH_HOME is set to /tmp/testing, the default path for data_dir is /tmp/testing/data/.

When SAWTOOTH_HOME is not set, the operating system defaults are used. On Linux, the default path settings are:

  • key_dir = /etc/sawtooth/keys
  • data_dir = /var/lib/sawtooth
  • log_dir = /var/log/sawtooth
  • policy_dir = /etc/sawtooth/policy

Sawtooth also uses config_dir to determine the directory path containing the configuration files. Note that this directory is fixed; it cannot be changed in the path.toml configuration file.

  • If SAWTOOTH_HOME is set, conf_dir = SAWTOOTH_HOME/etc/
  • If SAWTOOTH_HOME is not set, conf_dir = /etc/sawtooth