XO Transaction Processor Configuration FileΒΆ

The XO transaction processor configuration file specifies the validator endpoint connection to use.

If the config directory contains a file named xo.toml, the configuration settings are applied when the transaction processor starts. Specifying a command-line option will override the setting in the configuration file.

Note: By default, the config directory is /etc/sawtooth/. See Path Configuration File for more information.

An example configuration file is in /sawtooth-core/families/xo/packaging/xo.toml.example. To create a XO transaction processor configuration file, copy the example file to the config directory and name it xo.toml. Then edit the file to change the example configuration options as necessary for your system.

The xo.toml configuration file has the following option:

  • connect = “URL

    Identifies the URL of a running validator. Default: tcp://localhost:4004. For example:

    connect = "tcp://localhost:4004"