PoET SGX Enclave Configuration File

This configuration file specifies configuration settings for a PoET SGX enclave.

If the config directory contains a file named poet_enclave_sgx.toml, the configuration settings are applied when the component starts. Specifying a command-line option will override the setting in the configuration file.


By default, the config directory is /etc/sawtooth/. See Path Configuration File for more information.

An example configuration file is in the sawtooth-core repository at /sawtooth-core/consensus/poet/sgx/packaging/poet_enclave_sgx.toml.example. To create a PoET SGX enclave configuration file, download this example file to the config directory and name it poet_enclave_sgx.toml. Then edit the file to change the example configuration options as necessary for your system.


See Using Sawtooth with PoET-SGX for an example of changing settings in poet_enclave_sgx.toml when configuring Sawtooth with the SGX implementation of PoET.

The poet_enclave_sgx.toml configuration file has the following options:

  • spid = ‘string

    Specifies the Service Provider ID (SPID), which is linked to the key pair used to authenticate with the attestation service. Default: none. The SPID value is a 32-digit hex string tied to the enclave implementation; for example:

    spid = 'DEADBEEF00000000DEADBEEF00000000'
  • ias_url = ‘URL

    Specifies the URL of the Intel Attestation Service (IAS) server. Default: none. Note that the URL shown in poet_enclave_sgx.toml.example is an example server for debug enclaves only:

    ias_url = 'https://test-as.sgx.trustedservices.intel.com:443'
  • spid_cert_file = ‘/full/path/to/certificate.pem

    Identifies the PEM-encoded certificate file that was submitted to Intel in order to obtain a SPID. Default: none. Specify the full path to the certificate file. This pem file can be created from cert.crt and cert.key files with this command:

    $ cat cert.crt cert.key > cert.pem

    Or from cert.pfx file with following command:

    $ openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -out cert.pem -nodes