[][src]Enum pbft_engine::error::PbftError

pub enum PbftError {
    SerializationError(String, ProtobufError),
    ServiceError(String, ServError),

Errors that might occur in a PbftNode


SerializationError(String, ProtobufError)

An error occurred while serializing or deserializing a Protobuf message (description, ProtobufError)

ServiceError(String, ServError)

An error occurred while making a call to the consensus service (description, ServError)


An error occurred while verifying a cryptographic signature


The node detected a faulty primary and started a view change


An invalid message was received


Internal PBFT error (description)

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for PbftError[src]

impl Display for PbftError[src]

impl Error for PbftError[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for PbftError

impl Send for PbftError

impl Sync for PbftError

impl Unpin for PbftError

impl !UnwindSafe for PbftError

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