Asset Settlement

Enabling secure and efficient bond settlement with Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain technology

Secure Bond Settlement Across Financial Institutions

To streamline the process of transferring bonds, Sawtooth created a user interface and transaction family that allows investors to track and transfer bonds. Here, users can create, buy, sell, and settle their portfolio of bonds. While a transaction family was customized specifically for bonds and their unique identifiers, transaction families can be customized for a wide range of financial investment tools.

Challenges with Traditional Bond Record Keeping

Blockchain Technology Driven Solution

How It Works

  1. Create a participant
  2. Create a bond
  3. Issue quotes
  4. Create & settle orders
  5. View portfolio

Advantages of Blockchain Bond Ownership

  • Creates data consistency across different institutions
  • Ensures comprehensive, ordered, accurate, immutable historical ownership data
  • Secures sensitive information through unique hardware configuration
  • Distributed records combat monopolies and yields transparency and trust

Bond Settlement is just one of many use cases

Revolutionizing the bond settlement process is just one example of the many ways Sawtooth can have real world benefits.

The Sawtooth platform enables developers to design custom solutions for a variety of financial use cases. With Sawtooth, developers can customize transaction families for the unique characteristics of specific financial investments such as bonds or derivatives. Transaction family logic enables participants to add users and firms, issue assets and quotes, and trade and settle instruments on a shared ledger between financial services companies.

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Real world examples of Sawtooth distributed ledgers

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