Digital Asset Exchange

Hyperledger Sawtooth can provide an efficient and secure infrastructure for the issuance and exchange of digital assets

Easy to use platform for managing digital asset ownership

Marketplace Navigator enables users to create and exchange digital assets on the Sawtooth blockchain.

Challenges with Traditional Digital Assets

Blockchain Technology Driven Solution

How It Works

  1. Create digital assets
  2. Create an offer
  3. Accept an offer
  4. Transfer assets

Advantages of Blockchain–Operated Marketplace Transaction Tracking

  • Consistent data recorded across different sellers
  • Immutable transaction record enables security and trust between parties
  • Smart contracts allow asset creators to set terms for how secondary transactions occur

Market Place is just one of many use cases

Revolutionizing the digital asset market place is just one example of the many ways Sawtooth can have real world benefits.

The Sawtooth platform enables users to design custom solutions for their digital assets. With Sawtooth, firms can customize transaction families for the unique characteristics of specific assets so that they can create asset identifiers, accept offers, and track ownership.

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Real world examples of Sawtooth distributed ledgers

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