Revolutionizing the supply chain

Bringing traceability and accountability to the supply chain through the power of Hyperledger Sawtooth’s distributed ledger technology

A Modern Approach to Seafood Traceability

To merge the digital and physical world, Sawtooth records the journey of seafood from ocean to table. Like the fish in this case study, IoT sensors can be attached to any object entrusted to someone else for transport, with trackable ownership, possession, and telemetry parameters such as location, temperature, humidity, motion, shock and tilt. The final buyer can access a complete record of information and trust that the information is accurate and complete.

Defining the Problem

Issues with the Traditional Seafood Industry Supply Chain

  • Error–prone, laborious manual record keeping
  • Improper food storage conditions
  • Illegal, unreported, & unregulated fishing practices
  • Seafood fraud (mislabeling)

Impacts on the Economy, Consumer, & World’s Natural Resources

  • Compromised food security and product quality
  • Threatens the seafood industry’s economic security
  • Does not promote sustainability of resources
  • Lack of vendor and consumer trust

Blockchain Technology Driven Solution

How It Works

  1. Seafood is caught by fishermen & physically tagged with IOT enabled sensors
  2. Sensors continuously transmit data about time & location to the blockchain
  3. Sawtooth facilitates and tracks possession changes through the distribution channels
  4. The buyer can access a comprehensive record of the fish’s provenance

Advantages of Blockchain–Operated Seafood Supply Chain

  • Transparency results in trust throughout the supply chain
  • Levels the playing field for suppliers and rewards good practices
  • Automation saves time and operating costs
  • Vendors and consumers know what they’re getting and get what they’re paying for

Seafood is just one of many use cases

Revolutionizing the Seafood supply chain is just one example of the many ways Sawtooth can have real world benefits.

The Sawtooth platform enables users to design custom solutions for their supply chain. Blockchain offers a unique ability for firms to share selected information with their customers. A primary benefit is sharing the provenance or traceability. This includes key factors such as: location tracking, motion, shock, tilt, temperature, humidity and ownership transfers.

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