FAQ Appendix: Transaction Family Prefixes

This is an unofficial list of some Transaction Family (TF) prefixes. There is no central registry, most or all of these TFs are found on GitHub ( https://github.com/ especially https://github.com/hyperledger and https://github.com/hyperledger-labs ).

Sawtooth addresses are 70 hex characters. The prefix is either the first 6 characters of the SHA-512 hash of the namespace, or, for some base namespaces, a "hex word". The Sawtooth Validator registry is an outlier. It uses the SHA-256 hash (not SHA-512) and hashes "validator_registry" (not "sawtooth_validator_registry"). The remainder of the address is TF-specific and defined for each TF. Listing of a TF does not imply endorsement.

All data payloads are encoded in base64 after serializing. Sawtooth headers are serialized with Protobuf.

For base TF specifications, see Transaction Family Specifications

settings Protobuf 000000 Validator settings. Only required TF
identity Protobuf 00001d Validator Identity for TP/Validator keys
sawtooth _validator _registry Protobuf 6a4372 PoET Validator Registry. Used by PoET consensus to track other validators. See note above about hash prefix .
blockinfo Protobuf 00b10c Validator Block Info. Used for SETH 00b10c00 metadata namespace info about other namespaces 00b10c01 block info namespace historic block info 00b10c0100….00<block # in hex> info on block at block #
sabre Protobuf 00ec00 00ec01 00ec02 WebAssembly VM: NamespaceRegistry Wasm: ContractRegistry Wasm: Contracts
seth Protobuf a68b06 SETH (Sawtooth Ethereum VM)
pdo_ contract_ instance_ registry Protobuf aa2a93 Private Data Objects (PDO) Contract Instance Registry
pdo_ contract_ enclave_ registry Protobuf 0b936f Private Data Objects (PDO) Contract Enclave Registry
ccl_ contract_ contract_ state_ registry Protobuf db13a2 Private Data Objects (PDO) Coordination and Commit Log (CCL) Contract State Registry
battleship JSON 6e10df Battleship example game
intkey CBOR 1cf126 Integer Key. Full production example
smallbank Protobuf 332514 Small Bank example app
xo CSV-UTF8 5b7349 Tic-tac-toe example game
supply_chain Protobuf 3400de Asset (Fish) Supply Chain example app
marketplace Protobuf cd6744 Marketplace example app
transfer- chain JSON-UTF8 19d832 Simple Tuna Supply Chain app. Used for edX LFS171x class
simplewallet CSV-UTF8 7e2664 Simple Wallet minimal example
cookiejar CSV-UTF8 a4d219 Cookie Jar minimal example
simple_ supply Protobuf 5d6af4 Simple Supply example used for future edX LFS201 class
pirate-talk UTF8 aaaaaa Pirate Talk minimal example
cookie-maker raw 1a5312 Cookie Maker minimal example
rbac Protobuf 8563d0 T-Mobile NEXT Identity Platform
sawtoothekyc Protobuf dbf420 Primechain Blockchain-eKYC bank records
pub_key Protobuf a23be1 REMME REMChain
bitagora- ballots JSON b42861 Bitagora voting ballot
bitagora- polls JSON 154f9c Bitagora voting polls