2019 YouTube Videos

Hyperledger Sawtooth Application Development Overview using "SimpleWallet" (57:18, Dan Anderson, Intel, 2019)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Performance Metrics with Grafana (28:00, Dan Anderson, Intel, 2019)

2018 YouTube Videos

Hyperledger Sawtooth Release 1.1 (34:28, Dan Anderson, Intel, 2018)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Seafood Supply Chain Demo (3:21, Bitwise, 2018)
Intel: Building Blockchain for the Enterprise. Shows how Sawtooth builds are done on AWS (5:33, Ryan Beck-Buysse, Bitwise, Lana Kalashnyk, AWS, 2018)
Sawtooth 1.0 Architecture and App Development (31:26, Zac Delventhal, Bitwise, 2018)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Technical Overview (58:38, Dan Anderson, Intel, 2018)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Application Developer Overview using "CookieJar" (54:58, Dan Anderson, Intel, 2018)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Explainer Video (2:06, Hyperledger, 2018)
Hyperledger Sawtooth Blockchain Security (Dan Anderson, Intel, 2018)
Part 1 (23:30): Part 2 (28:03):
Blockchain and Hyperledger Sawtooth Overview (6:15, Daniel Homlund Martin Kronberg and Daniel Homlund, Intel, 2018)
Several Sawtooth application development tutorials by John S.
Hyperledger Sawtooth and Kubernetes at Hyperledger Hong Kong meetup. (1:38:24, Duncan Johnston-Watt, Blockchain Technology Partners, 2018) Slides:
Introducción a Hyperledger VII - Sawtooth (Español) (7:36, Sergio Torres, Blocknitive)
¿Qué es Hyperledger Sawtooth? (Español) (2:00, Angel Berniz)

2017 YouTube Videos

Vision for Hyperledger's Sawtooth Distributed Ledger (2:03, Dan Middleton, Intel, 2017)
Introduction to Hyperledger Sawtooth (Seafood Supply Chain) (3:40, Hyperledger, 2017)

Hyperledger Videos

Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0: Market Significance and Technical Overview. Free registration required (61:27, Dan Middleton, Intel, 2018)

Intel Chip Chat Audio

Revolutionizing Identity Management with [Sawtooth] Blockchain. Ep. 612 (8:33, Chris Spanton, T-Mobile, 2018)
Why Enterprises Should Be Moving Blockchain Forward. Ep. 576 (9:51, Mike Reed, Intel, 2018)
Where We've Been and Where We're going -- Intel's Blockchain Journey. Ep. 559 (11:05, Mike Reed, Intel, 2017)

Sawtooth Technical Forum

This is an list of recordings of past Hyperledger Sawtooth Technical Forums. Most are in mp4 (video) format, but a few are available in audio only (m4a).

2018 Sawtooth Technical Forum

Located at

Sawtooth Build and Package Improvements (Ryan Beck-Buysse, Bitwise)
REMME REMChain (Roman Kravchenko, Eugene Babichenko, and Andrii Fedotov, REMME)
20180927-sawtooth-forum.mp4 (starts at 11:00)
Sawtooth Raft Consensus (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise)
20180927-sawtooth-forum.mp4 (starts at 1:01:00)
Sawtooth NEXT Identity Platform (Chris Spanton, T-Mobile)
20180913-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 0:00)
PSE-Free PoET2 Consensus Algorithm (Amol Kulkarni, Intel)
20180823-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 9:00)
MinBFT consensus algorithm (Sergey Fedorov, NEC Labs Europe)
20180802-sawtooth-minbft.mp4 (starts at 20:00)
PoET 2.0 Preview (Ashish Mishra, Intel)
20180524-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 9:20)
Private Data Objects (Eugene Yarmosh, Intel)
20180510-sawtooth-tech-forum.m4a (audio only; starts at 25:40)
Sawtooth Consensus Engines (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise)
20180426-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 10:00) ConsensusEngineSDK.pdf (slides)
Sawtooth Explorer Demo (Joe Wright, PokitDok)
20180413-sawtooth-explorer-demo.mp4 (starts at 11:30)
Sawtooth Rust SDK (Peter Schwarz, Bitwise)
20180215-sawtooth-tech-forum.m4a (audio only; starts at 23:40)

2017 Sawtooth Technical Forum

Located at

Sawtooth API 1.0 Stabilization (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise)
20171214-sawtooth-tech-forum-trimmed.mp4 (starts at 0:00)
Sawtooth Events (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise)
20171102-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 15:00)
Tractable Commodities with Sawtooth Supply Chain (Zac Delventhal, Bitwise)
20171019-sawtooth-tech-forum-2.mp4 (starts at 0:00)
OpenSSL Key with Seth (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise)
20171019-sawtooth-tech-forum-2.mp4 (starts at 36:00)
Transactor Key and Validator Key Permissioning (Andrea Gunderson, Bitwise)
20171005-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 0:00)
Sawtooth Unit Testing with the Mock Validator (Ryan Banks, Bitwise)
20170914-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 13:20)
Hyperledger Burrow (Adam Ludvik, Bitwise, and Benjamin Bollen, Monax)
20170608-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp3 (audio only; starts at 15:00)
Sawtooth Blockchain App Development with Javascript (Zac Delventhal, Bitwise))
20170831-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 44:00)
Sawtooth State Delta Subscriptions (Peter Schwarz, Bitwise)
20170727-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 10:50)
Sawtooth Serial and Parallel Scheduler (Boyd Johnson, Bitwise)
20170713-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 12:50)
Hyperledger Composer (Simon Stone, IBM)
20170629-composer-sawtooth.mp4 (starts at 13:00)
PoET Consensus on Sawtooth Lake (Jamie Jason, Intel)
20170622-sawtooth-tech-forum.mp4 (starts at 12:00)


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